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Wholistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person –
mind, body and energy. As a practitioner of wholistic medicine, I integrate conventional
and alternative therapies to prevent and treat the many aliments that affect our performance, recovery & mobility and most importantly, to promote optimal health.

Paulla Schmidt, RMT

Paulla Schmidt is the owner/operator of Life Massage and is a 2200h recognized therapist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has had 17+ years of experience in the massage field and a total of 20+ years experience in the health and skin care industry. Currently, as active chair for the leadership committee with the NHPC ( NATURAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS of CANADA) and current member of the Board of Directors for NHPC, Paulla enjoys connecting and collaborating with the massage community. Having  worked in the spa, physio/chiropractic, alternative health industry in Calgary and area throughout her career, including the Fairmont spas in the Rockies, skin care and self care are two passions that Life Massage merges into the massage practice. As a born and raised Calgarian she looks to bring her passion to the city and it's people, through her treatment and education.


Paulla has a full and ever expanding knowledge of the endocannabiod system; how it can be used to increase well-being and the benefits added to our whole health through use of topicals. She is a therapist who has seen firsthand the healing that can come through the use of topicals and is an active Cannabinoid massage activist. Life Massage is home to our regular Cannabinoid Education evenings. We strongly ENCOURAGE you to contact us with questions in regards to ANY & ALL things cannabis/CBD, it is important to educate everyone about this new industry. For more in depth information on CBD & Cannabis for health follow along @ livingreenwithpj.com

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