Paulla Schmidt, RMT

Ayurveda is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person –
mind, body and energy. As a practitioner of wholistic medicine, I integrate conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat the many ailments that affect our performance, recovery, mobility and most importantly; to promote optimal health.


My name is Paulla Schmidt owner & operator of LifeMassage. I would like to extend a warm welcome and let you know that when you walk through the doors of LifeMassage in Marda Loop that you are stepping into my dream! Born and raised in Calgary, I've had the honour to call many different areas of the city, home.

Back in 2006 when I resided in Marda Loop, I started talking to a dear fried of mine about a dream I had, of being able to own my own business. At the time I was working at Swizzlesticks and was proudly the Esthetic & Massage Educator for the SPA, however I was looking to bring that expertise and experience (11 years at SWIZZ ) to a broader audience. With the wind at my back I headed to the mountains and completed a winter season of managerial duties at Fairmont Lake Louise and later Banff Springs. My passion for the Spa industry gave way to a deeper dive into massage therapy, reflexology, ayurvedic theory, myofacial health, herbology and most recently Cannabis Massage 101. 

In the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure of studying with America's premier Canna-spa owner, Jordan Person. Jordan has developed the first offered Cannabis education through her company Primal Therapeutics, in Denver, Colorado; it was during my time educating myself further on cannabinoids and what they do for our musculature, that my passion for the plant, the people and the powerful possibilities catalyzed into the vision for LifeMassage.

With the legalization of cannabis this opens up possibilities of people who experience chronic and acute pain to find relief. Through education, connection, wellness and touch we experience the greatest potential to heal. This gift of plant medicine that has for many years been hidden now has the opportunity to shine. Armed with the herbal, medical and physical benefits of cannabinoids I am excited to be your guide in this very eye opening and informative plant world. 

Currently, across Canada, manual therapists, including massage therapists are barred from using cannabis in treatment because of where the medicine falls into the medical category... it is considered out of scope of practice. I am an advocate for what the addition of cannabinoids can do to the efficacy of decreasing inflammation, increasing mobility, and aiding in sustaining injuries...old or new. What this means is... I want you, and everyone who has skin, muscles and bones... to really understand the benefits that cannabinoids could bring to your body. That is the vision of LifeMassage, to bring topical education to the people who really can benefit the most. Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine/ headaches, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Arthritis are among some of the more common neuro-muscular disorders that people experience. I have seen firsthand the vast difference that the addition of cannabinoids can provide, so to bridge the gap of topical education here in Canada, I have added two online modules. The first, Ayurvedic theory, gives us a base from which to get to know our bodies, minds, and energies. The second, CBD & Cannabinoids for pain relief, is a deep dive into all things that you would ever want to know about topical cannabis.

It is through these online offerings that I hope to ignite your passion, and set you up with all of the pertinent, current and practical information you may need our your personal self care journey.

Now all this chat about cannabis dosen't mean that it is my only focus, it is just merely the topic I can lend understaning to. I am a recognized 2200 hr RMT with NHPC and DO provide regular insurable massage through medical benefits, sans cannabis. With 20 years of experience in skin, body and muscle care it is my pleasure to offer you expert, customizeable treatments.

Looking forward to meeting you, thanks for stopping by!

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