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What does the LIFE stand for in LifeMassage?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The “LIFE“ portion of LifeMassage is in reference to the cannabis plant as being the “flower of life” and can also be found in the acronym of ✨Lifted




What is massage therapy?


When we talk about massage it can be quite specific; depending on what each person is looking for it can be utilized to decrease stress, minimize musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and provide a multitude of wellness benefits.
Pain shows up in the body in many different ways and for some, can be completely debilitating. Pain may be caused by trauma to the body or tissue, causing chronic pain, nerve pain, neuralgia, throbbing or burning pain, or radiating pain.
There are several categories of massage therapy. In Canada we are considered either RMTs (registered massage therapists) or CMTs (certified massage therapists) if you are working with a massage therapist. An RMT has passed all college level courses and is supported by a college or an association; CMTs are similarly trained however have not undergone a college or association examination but may provide all services as an RMT would. However, bodyworkers, spa practitioners and a full range of adept energetic professionals such as reiki practitioners all work with varying aspects of pain. May it be ancestral trauma, personal trauma, surgical trauma; they all leave their imprint on our wellness.
In Canada, FORMTRAC (federation of massage therapy regulatory authorities of Canada) is the main governing body, NHPC (natural health practitioners of Canada) is the only cross country association, while each province also has their own massage therapy regulatory bodies. In Alberta alone there are 4 massage associations!

What is Wellness?

Wellness, is the total picture of health including our Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional health. When professionals work with the body we recognize the need that human systems look to create homeostasis. As emerging medical data becomes available we can be certain that if we can create a balanced state, or a state of homeostasis, that we then create the opportunity for aggressors such as stress, disorder or disfunction of the system to dissolve at a greater level.

At LifeMassage we integrate Ayurvedic theory, breathwork, hot/cold/gemstone therapy,

sound therapy, essential oils and intentionally infused body products to elevate your personal journey while enjoying self care rituals tailored to your well-being. With the professional understanding of herbalism, cannabis and manual therapy this is not only a haven to retreat to in SW Calgary but THE premier place to gain greater understanding of the integrations of plant medicine, skin care, muscle care and why we would choose to make a choice to put cannabinoids on!

More about LifeMassage…

We have currently undergone some behind the scenes adjustments and we will be introducing our members to a whole new online experience this 2022, including at home rituals you can bring into your own home!

Don’t forget to check your emails for more info. LifeMassage Workshops are up and running and can be booked through the online booking or via email at and we have a new wellness space we will be introducing to each of you in 2022!



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