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Medical Astrology

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A customized look at personal wellness care.

Biology says we are all made of cells, fluid, muscle and bone. Astrology says we are all made of stars.

Each one of these scientific modes of understanding human existence and relationship has a defined way to see SELF.

In manual therapy, the provider is trained in certain modalities to read, translate and transmute the body's subtle shifts allowing for greater change to take place in the treatment room. The addition of medical astrology to your manual therapy, alongside Ayurvedic understanding of the body gives you an wholistic approach to wellness increasing the opportunity to find homeostasis (or balance). Medical Astrology is one way of utilizing this skillset to bring you wholistic care and a customized treatment.

Personal Alchemy sessions offered at LifeMassage are designed to enhance your massage in this way. Defining your personal alchemy for you allows you to decipher the roots of who you really are and potentially guide you to your own realization of places of growth for self. Targeting specific areas of the body for each astrological type can bring deeper relaxation, deeper feeling of support for the body's systems and the potential to move energy out of the body quickly.

If this is of interest, then the addition of a LifeMassage, our signature service; may be beneficial to your sacred self care routine. In a LifeMassage your subconscious is given the opportunity to bring forth areas where you may be feeling stuck, stunted or stagnant. Using Plant medicine, Colour therapy, Ayurvedic knowledge, Crystal therapy and Manual therapy you get to customize your treatment to the experience you may not have realized you needed until now.

Looking forward to creating an intentional service just for you!

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