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What is the difference between CBD and THC?

Updated: Oct 10

Well to start, there may not seem like big differences… they are both cannabinoids, they can be found in BOTH hemp and cannabis and surprisingly when applied to the skin they interact with the cannabinoid receptors without causing the inebriating effects of when we consume via edibles and inhalation. This opens up the possibilities of further healing and research that can help support the human biome during times of transition via human touch and cannabinoids.

(Hemp.. pictured below, one of the first of many harvests we attended with our local grower)

What is the difference between Hemp & Cannabis?

Both Hemp and Cannabis contain the botanical chemical compounds called “Cannabinoids“. They are referred to as such due to being found in abundance in Cannabis and Hemp plants. The difference? Cannabis contains more THC on average than Hemp which is largely bred for its textile, building, and agricultural functions as well as, its high CBD and CBG content.

These Cannabinoids, aid in every single function of the body and can even; in some cases be used to treat common diseases and disorders of the human biome. On the skin, their function is quite different and I love to explore this! If you or a loved one are curious in delving into the world of cannabis or you are just looking for more information on the subject of topical Cannabinoids we have you covered with our educational workshops & events.

(pictured below our favourite quote from local LP “Sundial” surrounded by my personal collection of pressed cannabis leaves)


Workshops are ongoing and require you to " bring your own bud", if you are in need of pointers on where to obtain your plant medicine for the workshops, Paulla has great relationships with the budtenders at many of the Calgary dispensary locations and can give you a community view of where to look.

Check out the latest Wellness Workshops and self care classes via the website

Looking forward to connecting!


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