At Life Massage we focus on high touch and individualized treatment.

Below are a summary of our services, contact us today to see how we can build your custom treatment plan.


Therapeutic Massage

We consider all forms of massage to be therapeutic, however, our approach to therapeutic massage incorporates a balance between deep tissue and relaxation (Swedish massage) techniques. We use a base of Ayurvedic principles to transform your average massage into a customized and specific treatment for you and you alone.


Reflexology is the ancient art of healing through pressure points found on the head, ears, hands and feet. By applying purposeful pressure to the aforementioned areas your therapist affects energetic meridians of the body. This allows for better energetic flow through the organs and throughout the body. Our reflexology includes the use of specifically chosen essential oils to add to the therapeutic benefits of this service.

Myofacial Cupping

Myofacial cupping is a modern twist on the ancient art of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) cupping. This modality is used in conjunction with massage to help to release rigid soft tissue, loosen adhesion and aid in the release of toxins while increasing blood flow to the treated area.

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