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Family alchemy

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A new way to discover your family and the familial interactions.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each element has its own magical properties. Each element interacts with the others in a particular way. In a family where there are many elements and personalities combining to form the family unit, this information helps to bring insight to the unique interactions of your own elemental makeup.

While Personal Alchemy discusses your personal astrological design. Family Alchemy discusses the interactions of your families signs; just as in personal alchemy we will discover the full potential of your star make-up and how they interact with one another as a group. This gives greater insight into family routines, nutrition, interpersonal psychology and areas where greater balance can occur in your family unit.

Family Alchemy sessions are open for booking via the website at

The new Wellness offerings at LifeMassage then reflect this personalized and customized care. Starting Autumn 2023 Paulla will be offering breathwork, movement and somatic classes in addition to the LIFE Massage and Wellness workshops.

Check out the website at for more details and to book online!

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