What’s Astrology have to do with massage anyway??

Usually, not much, however when you step into a world where things just seem a bit off…your very specific “star container” may just need a tune up!

✨ Maybe you’ve never pondered the possibility of your birthday as being as special as it truly is?

✨ Maybe you feel like you don’t “fit” your surroundings? ✨ What if I could give you a practical and real understanding of what that all means to you via your personal alchemy?


Starting this Spring 2022 Paulla will be offering this unique add on service. If you or someone you know would be interested in this, head to the website where you will find all the details on how to book this service. It can be added to your aromatherapy massage, LIFE massage or any other of the treatments we offer and can be preformed online via zoom or in person!

Personal Alchemy is designed to help the individual where as the Family Alchemy is a look at how the whole family interacts within its own alchemy. Family alchemy can also be offered as a group session and once all members have had a chance to receive their own personal Alchemy.

The below link will take you directly to the website for you to check out this new offer!


Thank you, always, LifeMassage friends, you make this business flourish! 🌺

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