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What is LifeMassage?

welcome to our corner of the wellness world!

The community at LIFE Massage was created 6 years ago and continues to grow! The owner and operator of LifeMassage in Marda Loop; Paulla Schmidt, is an Ayurvedic, Plant Medicine, Astrological, and Personal and Natural Health Care Practitioner. A 25 year career than spans both the personal and health care modalities has led Paulla to currently studying the effects of plant medicine and regenerative personal care.

Here you will be able to add to your understanding of wellness outside of the typical medical lens, using ancient healing modalities to "fill in the gaps".

A diagnosis does not have to be a life sentence. Paulla has cared for people with Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, post surgery pain, post injury pain, and chronic pain due to pregnancy, child birth, and physical or mental trauma (somatics).

Life massage is here to help.

LifeMassage is not a diagnostic tool but using the combined natural health modalities on the aforementioned dis-orders of the system, can help to discern areas of wellness that can be greater supported. The addition of customizable supports allows for a unique experience and greater understanding of "just what we need" when we are in need.

Many guests exclaim happily "That's the BEST self care experience I've ever had!"

If you are wanting to up your game on your personal care, if you are curious about pain relief options, looking for a comprehensive wellness plan that includes plant medicine or needing a space to feel held and seen; then LifeMassage is the place for you to explore. In person sessions are available in our SW Calgary (Mohkinstsis) massage studio. Online workshops and sessions can be booked via the website.

Looking to connect further? Why not head to the website to book a service or to dial into our wellness offerings? You can also choose to subscribe for future emails and promotions.


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